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NTG Announces Smart2Go and New PO


Toronto, ON / TNW-Accesswire / March 18, 2021 / NTG Clarity Networks Inc. (TSX.V:NCI);NTG Clarity is pleased to announce the soft launch of its flagship Digital Transformation product Smart2Go.


We have received a PO estimated to be $550,000 CAD from a major Health Care Provider to deliver their digital products on the Smart2Go platform. This includes full CRM functionalities such as customer acquisition and customer on-boarding. In addition, Smart2Go will provide Service Desk, Change Request Management and a Project Management End to End Solution with integration to other echo-systems within the organization and other systems exposed by customers, third party partners and suppliers. This implementation is expected to be completed within three months. 


This demonstrates the power of this platform and the ease of delivering users requirements in record time.


Smart2Go will expedite and facilitate the Digital Transformation journey for enterprises in all business verticals. It enables enterprises to automate their processes and create applications without need for development. Smart2Go offers the future of rapid application development with different output format. It is a powerful development tool without the need for knowledge of development languages. Smart2Go is built on NTG’s proven Workflow technology and provides both a Portal and Mobile Apps for its users.


NTG will provide our Smart2Go platform and its associated marketplace of the applications developed on it, on the cloud, SAAS (Software as a Service), or on premise for our large enterprise customers.


The platform allows users to graphically build new screens, define, and apply business rules, and create required workflow.


In addition, one of the most powerful features of Smart2Go is the ease of integration with other systems such as ERPs, CRMs, financial systems, engineering systems, etc. ….. with a mouse click, supporting various popular  integration protocols such as SOAP, REST and others.


The following previously announced systems were developed on the Smart2Go platform:


  • Smart2Go is implemented for a Tier one Telecom Operator to support their Incident Management Operations for both IT Tickets. The full user journey conforms to ITIL standards with easy maintenance and rapid adaptation of operation’s needs.
  • The platform is in the implementation phase for a top international pharmaceutical manufacturer to support their planning and operation activities including interfaces to their ERP and other echo-systems managing different teams.
  • Smart2Go is used by another Tier I telecom operators with more than 30M subscribers to automate customer ticket resolution. By using Smart2Go, this operator was able to reduce the SLA of these types of tickets from 2 days to 14 minutes. 

NTG is also currently working on many Proof of Concepts for different customers in different countries and markets as follows:


  • A top telecom operator in North America to provide fulfillment automation for their e-commerce operation. The solution covers new advanced service offering including IoT and third-party developed services utilizing the operator’s existing infrastructure.
  • A major Transportation Service Provider is in the implementation phase. In this scenario, Smart2Go will be used as a Digital Enabler for Employees Self-Services, defined and supported by their ERP. The solution will enable users to enjoy the flexibility of accessing all services remotely through their mobile app, respecting organization HR rules and regulations.   
  • A POC for a major telecom operator to load Site Data collected by drones, imaging and compare it with existing data in their systems such as Network Inventory and Asset Management. Smart2Go will automate the reconciliation process and notify authorized users with inconsistencies. Smart2Go enables reconciliation automatically based on business rules or manually by users through a review-approve process.

“Going forward, NTG will be focusing on promoting the Smart2Go Digital Transformation platform and establishing NTG as a major off shoring hub for technology and IT services. We believe that Smart2Go is one of the best digital transformation platforms, enabling digital journeys and supporting customers, to create new revenue streams and enhance operation efficiency.” said Kristine Lewis, NTG Clarity’s President.


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