Established in 1992, NTG Clarity has been a leader in delivering network, IT and infrastructure solutions to telecommunications service providers. More than 400 professionals provide design, documentation and implementation expertise to the industry's leading telecom and network service providers.
NTG Clarity's products and services are offered internationally, with offices and operations currently in Canada, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Oman.
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The company has maintained a record of consistently high performance and profitability, while establishing itself as a company with strong financial, technical and operational capabilities. NTG Clarity is recognized for its outstanding technical and project management skills, innovative use of advanced technologies, low cost operations and exceptional management capability. NTS, our OSS/BSS software solution is rapidly gaining exposure with international implementations.
Our newest product  NTGapps, our new Digital Toolbox is a low-code produce designed to simplify the telecom digital transformation by providing customizable digital application templates using the latest technologies inspired by our more than 30 years of telecom and software solution experience.